the Queen City Project

Get PickedCincinnati is a big place, not crazy big, but big nonetheless and we each have our own favorite spots, shops, eateries, drinkeries and organizations — but we can’t possibly have the scoop on them all. This is why we ask for your help in identifying the next installment of the QCP. Click here and use our fancy form to recommend a person, place or thing that deserves to have the light shined upon them.

Get ShotOnce we identify our next project, we’ll work with you to arrange a time for our photographers from Alias Imaging to come in and document exactly what it is that makes you unique. John and Adam will capture your day-to-day dealings in a way you’ve never experienced before; and you’ll hardly even notice they are there…well, sometimes they tend to ask a lot of questions!

Get ExposedOnce we’ve captured the few thousand photos it takes to pull off any given QCP feature, Alias hands them over to the Bluestone lab where they will be carefully hand-selected for publishing. Painstakingly, we stitch them all together, edit the film and create one of our unique “flurry” videos for your post.

Get SwagYou’ll no doubt be excited about your QCP feature, and you’ll want people to go watch the thing. To help steer your followers to our site, and thus to your feature, we offer a few different types of QCP promotional materials. You can proudly display a static cling sticker in your storefront window, hang a handmade poster in your establishment and add our widget to your website and email signature, all reading “Proudly Featured on”. Choose one or choose them all to help get the word out about you and the QCP.

Wanna promote the Queen City Project now? Click here to download our widget.