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2013 marks the 12th anniversary for MPMF, and this year did not disappoint. Our goal this year: try to capture the multifaceted, three-day delight that is MPMF. Give it a watch, and if you don’t feel something, check your pulse.


MUSIC :: “Rewrite Our Lives” by Ha Ha Tonka :: Buy it on iTunes

Now in its twelfth year, Midpoint Music Festival, a three-day celebration of local and national musicians and artists, continues to inspire and impress. From various venues in the City’s center to the revitalized splendor that is Washington Park, Midpoint (or MPMF as we’ve taken to calling it) continues to move those who attend, both in body and spirit.

From the unbridled joy of musical performances such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Cody Chestnutt, The Head and the Heart, and local legends The Breeders, to the playful Box Truck Carnival between Vine and Walnut Streets, MPMF exudes possibility and adventure.

One could almost call it a religious experience, for an event to bring together so many people of various creeds and colors. Undeniably, the pull of Midpoint is far larger than any single show. It’s the chance to belong to something bigger, to be connected to your fellows through the shared experience that is freedom of expression, music and art.

It’s a chance to feel the heartbeat of a city.

So without further ado, we present our ode to Midpoint Music Festival, and to Cincinnati, for the second year in a row.

Rock on.

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In the spirit of their 2012 unplugged session in the QCP box truck photo booth, MPMF-ers The Ridges spearheaded an extracurricular mixture of art and music for 2013. Adding to an already mind-blowing weekend, they teamed with the Art Academy of Cincinnati and FotoFocus to produce an afternoon of unplugged sessions from some of the bands who would later grace the stages of Midpoint. Serving as a backdrop to these performances is a live music photography exhibit curated by FotoFocus called ‘Reverberation’, giving those in attendance ear and eye candy. Performances include The Happy Maladies, Indigo Wild, Molly Sullivan and, of course, The Ridges. Enjoy!