the Queen City Project

In 1861, Simon Arnold opened a tavern in downtown Cincinnati. In 1853, Christian Moerlein began brewing beer in Over-the-Rhine. In 2013, Moerlein’s brewing operations came home TO OTR, and produced the first Moerlein beer to be brewed in OTR in over 90 years…The Arnold’s 1861 porter.
Moerlein / Arnold’s

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It’s only fitting that the first beer to be produced from Christian Moerlein’s new brewing facility in Over-the-Rhine would make its debut in the Queen City’s oldest tavern, which has been serving up suds for over 150 years in downtown Cincinnati.

We tagged along on the journey of the beer from brewery to branding to bar, and the fabrication of the one-of-a-kind handmade tap handle designed by Neltner Small Batch/Warnick Art and fabricated by Kevin Neltner.

Come along as we head from Cincinnati city streets to Kentucky countryside and back.

As we put together this feature, our goal was to capture the entrepreneurial spirit that Christian Moerlein and Arnold’s have harnessed to make something that’s worth celebrating.

Arnold’s 1861 Porter is available exclusively at Arnold’s, so join us as we raise a glass to Cincinnati’s brewing heritage.

Moerlein / Arnold’s / Neltner Small Batch / Warnick Art