the Queen City Project

Maya Drozdz and Michael Stout, the creative duo behind VisuaLingual, have taken root in OTR where they create their unique “Seed Bombs.” Everything is done by hand – muddy, muddy hands. They were kind enough to open their studio to us and let us look on while they did their dirty work.

MUSIC :: “Don’t Owe You a Thang” by Gary Clark Jr. :: Buy it on iTunes

Maya Drozdz and Michael Stout, the owners of VisuaLingual, don’t mind getting their hands dirty in order to succeed. The Cincinnati-duo have been using “Seed Bombs” to spread natural splendor in any setting.

Seed bombs have gained a lot of popularity and what’s not to love? Don’t like how a patch of earth looks? Chuck a seed bomb at the area and, eventually, a bunch of flowers will grow. Maya and Michael have been very successful with their line, distributing to national retailers like Anthropologie and Williams-Sonoma and have grown their distributorship into 24 states.

We absolutely loved the opportunity for this behind-the-scenes look at a venture that started with an idea and blossomed into a national trend. Congratulations, neighbors!