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The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra has been performing at Music Hall for 116 years. And has been making sweet, sweet music in Cincinnati –in one form or another– for over 200.
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For our next entry in the QCP canon, we’re featuring an Over-the-Rhine organization you may have heard of… the flippin’ Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra! With an endless list of accolades and a peerless reputation, the magnificent CSO has been performing music in Cincinnati —in one form or another— for over 200 years. They’ve called Music Hall home for 116 of them.

The QCP was thrilled, and genuinely honored, when the CSO reached out to us to document the day-to-day of the Orchestra. John and Adam spent a few days not only capturing the incredible musicians and conductors, but also their daily routines and the unparalleled venue they inhabit.

The CSO, as well the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, give a variety of performances each month. Visit their website for event details and tickets.

Website / 513-381-3300