the Queen City Project

Shadeau Breads has been located on 1336 on Main Street since 1993 open from 6am to 4pm Monday-Friday. On Saturdays, you will often find a line snaking out the door so come early.
Website / 513.665.9270


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Over-the-Rhine’s Shadeau Breads was the very first place we asked permission to visit and, ultimately, was the initial inspiration for forming the Queen City Project. The diligence and passion of owner, Bill Pritz, and his staff at Shadeau Breads is what drew us to this location first to document a typical day in their world (which starts around 4am, mind you). We were also drawn in by the fact that they make some of the dankest bread and pastries you can find around these parts.

Shadeau is entering its fifteenth year in operation and though it is at this point an established business, Bill is well aware of the challenges to a small operation such as his. He focuses on quality by using pure ingredients, no preservatives and traditional methods. Almost everything is made fresh that day. It is a difficult and challenging business, and Bill believes that without this kind of dedication, bakeries of this sort could not survive.

During the weekdays, sandwiches and soup are available on a limited basis. On Saturdays and leading up to the holidays, business shifts into high gear and there is often a line snaking out the door.

Website / 513.665.9270